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Grief Work

Typically, it isn’t until we experience the death of a loved one that we come to think about our attitudes and expectations around the end of life. Following tradition is then eased by ritual or spiritual practices and funeral/memorial plans.

Jun 14th, 2020
Grief in a Pandemic: The Road of Acceptance and Hope

Many say we all will die alone — now we’re grieving alone too, and that has long term effects We are all currently susceptible to multiple losses daily—and grieve at the loss of financial security, loss of social/physical connections, loss of autonomy.

Apr 29th, 2020
Anxiety and the COVID-19 pandemic

Anxiety can be as contagious as the coronavirus, and psychological states such as loneliness spreads throughout populations like New York, like a virus. We need, all of us, to work mindfully on the physiology of fear unprecedented in American history.

Apr 2nd, 2020